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Irons, known to be used for Ironing. They are used in the home, laundries, hotels, sanatoria, rest houses, hostels.

Can we do without iron? Yes, you can. But the clothes will be completely unpresentable.

The choice of the desired model of the iron

If you buy an iron, will be able to perform Ironing and steaming. In the first case, straightened the clothes that masonry and bruises, in the author makes the arrows on the trousers, evens ottoperuna items of clothing.

There are 2 modifications of products: for the classical (horizontal) and an Ironing service for Grand and upright (vertical) steam. The first type uses the majority of people, the second is often used in laundries, dry-cleaners preparing clothing with delicate treatment.

For ease of Ironing very dry things applies a dispersed spray of water. Ego feature – the transfer of liquid droplets in the steam substance, which leaves no streaks and prevents damage to tissue by thermal process of Ironing.

Steam irons differ in the material of the sole (the most preferred ceramic), color, configuration handles, the pros and functions.

What is additionally able to do iron

Quite rarely fills in the hole patting fixtures purified water. Over time, nozzles become clogged with lime deposits. In irons is a function of self-purification which, due to the steam pressure pushes the blockage of the holes to the outside. Deciding to buy irons, you get excellent assistants, able to bring wrinkled clothes in proper form.

The products of the brand Magio provided with thermal temperature control. This means that when a selected mode is "peak" data, it disables the heating and lowering the temperature of the sole re-activates this feature.

Those who wish to buy wholesale irons online store, we recommend you to contact the Manager to clarify the total cost of the order.

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