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The case for print 4642 big
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The case for print 4642 big

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Stamp products,Stationery,Cases for seals the Case for print 4642 big 80037..

The case for print 4642 small.
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The case for print 4642 small.

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Stamp products,Stationery,Cases for seals the Case for print 4642 small. 80038..

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Cases for print here "Paley": it is convenient and inexpensive

To protect the seals from mechanical damage, prevent cliche that's clogging created cases for seals. If you ordered a print, we recommend you immediately buy a case to print, so she was protected and not lost.

Cases: models, features, manufacturers

Cases for snap-ins – this is a special niche in the market, these accessories are produce of several: Colop, Trodat, Shiny.

Material for them is usually suede, leather, felt. Maybe for you it has special value appearance of the accessory, then it is advisable to purchase a case for printing made of genuine leather, at a cost, such models are much more expensive counterparts from eco-leather, but in size and scope. Version of plastic – a modest budget.

Different cases for stamps size: the diameter is usually from 40 mm to 50 mm. Can be of various shapes – round, square, oval; in different heights – small and large. It is important to choose the cover form to firmly embed snap.

Cases Trodat: tradition of excellence

Internet-shop of goods for office "Paley" offers quality cases the Austrian brand Trodat, which is over a hundred years old.

The covers are made of leatherette. Trodat models 4642 small can be made in different colors: brown, beige, blue, black. Large cases for stamps Trodat 4642 available in black.

Only offer high quality covers for snapand other office supplies wholesale and retail Internet-shop "Paley" of your choice in a wide range.

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