Perforated paper

Set coloroso paper, A4, 50 l, 3573

Set coloroso paper, A4, 50 l, 3573

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Perforated paper online-store "Paley"

In our time, despite the total computerization, no office or institution without the design documentation in hard copy. The special perforated paper used for operation of the matrix drum and terminals in banks and other organisations. In appearance differs from ordinary writing paper placed at the edge of the holes with a certain step of perforation.

Specifications of perforated paper

To choose the right perforated paper, you must know which type of printing it will be used. Depending on the purpose of the paper is made in rolls or stacks. In compact stacks she piled up in the form of an accordion, comes in boxes. The types differ in format and number of layers.
The pitch of universal and equal 12". Computer perforated paper is available in two types:

  • single layer;
  • multilayer carbonless paper for printing out copies

A single layer of paper best suited for printing large amounts of information on a dot matrix printer, create the required number of copies in a short period of time without the use of carbon paper. With other printers fanfold paper normally can not work due to the presence of perforation.

Perforated paper SuperLux

Perforated fanfold paper, single layer, available in our store, has improved consumer properties, high quality with exceptional degree of whiteness 92-96%. Made of first-class raw materials with high quality perforation, which ensures reliable operation, accurate transverse lines of separation.

SuperLux paper is designed for high speed dot matrix printers with heavy printing large amounts of information. Buy SuperLux perforated paper wholesale and retail, in boxes at 1,700 sheets, a width of 210 mm and 420 mm. High quality perforated paper allows its use in printers or other office equipment.

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In addition, perforated paper, in the catalog of office products made from other paper products:
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• office of the tetrad and accounting books;
• certificates, calendars and other range.

All products are available at a price that is characterized by high consumer properties.

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