Ink painting

Ink 70ml black

Ink 70ml black

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Availability: 22

69.18 грн. 77.83 грн.

Ink 70ml blue

Ink 70ml blue

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Ink 70 ml red

Ink 70 ml red

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Ink drawing – best deals from “Paley”

Mascara — comfortable material that is used in the process of drawing, painting, creating drawings. Paint made from soot, water and binder. As a binder ingredient used gelatin, synthetic resin type shellac, casein.

Depending on the version used substances, ink drawing can be soluble or insoluble in water. Paint with water-soluble base may be used for the formation of more light shades. Thus one option of material allows you to create a pattern of different pitch.

Feature of mascara is that it does not penetrate deep into the canvas, but remains on the surface as a thin film. This allows the plotted line in case of discrepancy the idea is to cut with a razor blade.

Stationery ink: how to choose?

To create neat and crisp lines, beautiful figure, attractive letter needs ink or drawing ink for calligraphy high quality. In the online store “Paley” there are all kinds of ink for drawing.

A good office supply ink without difficulty get away with the pen (of pen), after drying is not washed off, retains the rich color on the surface of paper for sketching, a long period of time. There are varieties of mascara:

  • liquid — ready to use, has good resistance to action of water;
  • dry — is a tandem of soot and glue, formed into sticks, which work to dissolve in water, achieving the desired consistency.
  • color — recalls watercolors, but has more bright colors;
  • concentrated — before starting work, must be diluted with water, is characterized by good water resistance.

It is also worth considering that:

  • soluble paint is thick, perfect for creating thin lines.
  • not waterproof paint is used to form major elements of a letter.

The ink on the basis of the combustion products of coniferous trees

Excellent choice of phone will be the paint on the basis of the combustion products of coniferous trees. This material has a deep black color without lustre, is highly soluble in water. Product known manufacturer, such as "Gamma", easy to handle, allows the use to achieve the desired effects.

Buying artistic material do not focus only on black color. The colours are bright juicy Todorov, for example, red, blue, gold and even silver, will allow your image to come alive, to tune up the original light. Don't forget before using a jar with this mascara thoroughly shaken.

Ink drawing – a large range “Paley”

Drawing ink "Gamma" proposed in stock in our store suitable for both pen and brush. Versatility, affordable price, excellent performance make the paint choice of the telephone number one among today's consumers. Customers to our stationer's shop “Paley” offers:

  • high quality product;
  • professional service;
  • fast order processing;
  • calculation methods to choose from;
  • immediate shipping in city of Ukraine.

Buy and see the quality!

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