Riveting machine

Machine-hole punch for rivets 36003 Machine-hole punch for rivets 36003

Machine-hole punch for rivets 36003

Product Code: 15004
Not available

305.28 грн. 336.86 грн.

Rivet metal silver stationery 36002 Rivet metal silver stationery 36002

Rivet metal silver stationery 36002

Product Code: 15003
Not available

38.87 грн. 40.72 грн.

Rivet metal stationery gold BPE-20 (250 PCs. pack)

Rivet metal stationery gold BPE-20 (250 PCs. pack)

Product Code: 15002
Not available

96.40 грн. 106.37 грн.

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   Machine for punching and rivet

To in office was characterized by order, not chaos, thousands of documents are grouped according to certain criteria. For storage and later use apply different means. In the beginning was the folder with ties, and the documents that need to be sewn, were given to the printer. It took time and required considerable resources. Today the Arsenal of tools for the organization and storage of paperwork includes punches, staplers and folders, binders with a convenient mechanism leaves. Internet-shop "Paley" you can also buy a hand riveter. Unlike a simple hole punch or stapler allows it to achieve printing quality of the firmware.

Hand riveter — comfort and functionality

The tool is designed for punching of sheets and install the grommets (studs). Depending on the model and capacity of the device it is suitable for binders of different thickness. They handle paper and cardboard. Often manual riveter buy for engineering projects, notarized copies of charters and technical certificates. All they can carefully handle the riveting machine.

Thanks to the sturdy metal grommet, edge of the perforation with continued use is not deformed and broken. This is the main advantage of stationery applied on them. It also provides a decent view of the documents, the quality of the bonds which can not be distinguished from the printing finishing.

Technology for the use of the tool consists of several stages:

  • in order gently put the required number of sheets;
  • breaks through the hole and insert a metal grommet;
  • the paper stack with the rivet is placed in the clamping mechanism;
  • gripping the handle of the riveting machine, perform a reliable fixation of the metal element (in the press rivet).

The main parameters, which pay attention when choosing a suitable product model:

  • the type of device (manual or semi-automatic riveter);
  • the diameter of the perforation;
  • distance from the end of the binder to the center of the hole;
  • power riveting machine (number of sheets);
  • ergonomics and usability of the device.

Need a good quality tool for filing documents? In the store, "Paley," it is easy to buy a riveter and rivets with delivery in Kiev and Ukraine. The price of products available. Different brands are. Order online or contact managers. This can be done by phones specified in the header.

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