Extruded sugar 750g box 15005 Extruded sugar 750g box 15005
8% off

Extruded sugar 750g box 15005

Product Code: 99777
Availability: 1

25.69 грн. 27.83 грн.

Extruded sugar 750g box 15005 99777..

Sugar extruded 1000g, carton Sugar extruded 1000g, carton
8% off

Sugar extruded 1000g, carton

Product Code: 99778
Availability: 176

31.15 грн. 33.75 грн.

Sugar 1000g extruded box 99778..

Sugar extruded 500g box 15113 Sugar extruded 500g box 15113
8% off

Sugar extruded 500g box 15113

Product Code: 99776
Availability: 2

15.67 грн. 16.98 грн.

Sugar extruded 500g box 15113 99776..

Sugar in sticks 5g x 100 PCs 16002 Sugar in sticks 5g x 100 PCs 16002
8% off

Sugar in sticks 5g x 100 PCs 16002

Product Code: 99773
Availability: 224

20.71 грн. 22.44 грн.

  Sugar sticks ( 5g x 100 PCs) 0.5 kg zip package 16002..

Sugar Packed, 1kg, package Sugar Packed, 1kg, package
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Sugar Packed, 1kg, package

Product Code: 99772
Availability: 9

24.00 грн. 26.00 грн.

  Packing: plastic bag..

Sugar substitutes Sukrazit Patent Sugar substitutes Sukrazit Patent
8% off

Sugar substitutes Sukrazit Patent

Product Code: 09568
Availability: 23

66.00 грн. 71.50 грн.

Low-calorie sugar substitute with no Patent for cyclamate 700 tablets corresponds to 3.5 kg of sugar. Nutritional value: calories 0, sodium 18.4 g, pr..

Sugar stick 5g. packaging 200pcs.
8% off

Sugar stick 5g. packaging 200pcs.

Product Code: 80684
Not available

38.28 грн. 41.47 грн.

Food,Sugar stick 5g. packaging 200pcs. 80684..

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Sugar wholesale office delivery

Sugar is one of the most famous of carbohydrates that people consume.

It is believed that it is harmful, but drinking to excess in food and food products 40 g sugar benefits. Here, one should also take into account hereditary factors and its concentration in the blood.

What is the use of sugar

  1. Improves the speed of blood circulation in the brain, the warning informed the development of sclerosis.
  2. Prevents clots in blood vessels.
  3. Provides assistance in the functioning of the spleen and liver, struggling with the appearance of toxins.
  4. Increases the concentration of serotonin, which is a sign of good mood.
  5. Reduces the chance of disease of bone arthritis.

Remember that if you like sweet buns, soda water, do not deny yourself the desire to eat a chocolate bar, a couple of teaspoons of sugar in coffee or tea will be extra.

The sugar in the joints, refined sugar and loose sand

We offer to buy sugar in the joints, refined sugar and loose sand. The first option is very convenient for guest receptions when the office comes a lot of important customers and partners. The second option is convenient because of its lumpiness: each puts in a Cup then the number of pieces to which you are accustomed.

The third variant of this family use: General package for all who poured in the sugar bowl and used by employees as at home. Large companies with a large number of employees prefer to buy sugar in bulk to have enough for six months to a year.

To order sugar in Internet store goods for office

Choose the product that is you. Creating ordering, calculate how much packs of joints or packs of sugar for a certain period of time. Focusing on the needs of the clients, we offer different weight and quantity of product packaging.

Sugar buy in Kiev recommended to the online store of goods for the office Paley. Wholesale customers are offered special terms of cooperation.

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