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Quarterly wall calendar for the year 2018 3 springs
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Quarterly wall calendar for the year 2018 3 springs

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Availability: 14

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Calendar is an essential component in the life of business people. From properly planned time depends on Your business and income. Bright BUROMAX cale..

Stand flip calendar, walnut 1857FDX
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Stand flip calendar, walnut 1857FDX

Product Code: 99717
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packaging: 1/20 PCs..

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Wall, table and calendar

What is the calendar and what role it plays in the life of each person, to explain there is no need. If you want to buy this indispensable interior of your office item, buy calendars wholesale in online store "Paley" is a reasonable solution.

What types of calendars we offer

Our catalog contains a wide selection of calendars with a variety of design. You will be able to choose:

Календарь шалаш с блоком фото

  • wall calendar;
  • Desk calendar;
  • desktop calendar;
  • quarterly calendar.

Calendars to buy is before the start of the new year. This purchase will bring you significant savings because ordering calendars in bulk, you get to enjoy special rates.

All our products are of unmatched quality printing, high grade paper and other media, as well as informative and spectacular design. Calendars contain information about public holidays, and will contribute to the thoughtful planning of working weeks and days in the coming year. You can choose products in accordance with the design of your office or study. If you have an intention to purchase the calendars in all working areas of your institution, designed in a single stylistic direction, it is better to buy them in bulk.

Flip calendars are a very good and handy accessory to your desktop, as you will never forget what day of the week or of the month. Calendar table, whose price is the lowest on the market, you can choose in accordance with taste of the owner of the Cabinet, given his aesthetic preferences.

How to buy the calendars

To order and receive products from us is very simple. You should choose calendars, or any other stationery, placed on pages of our Internet shop, and sending them to the cart, fill out the form. In it you will indicate your contact details, quantity and destination.

We can arrange delivery of ordered products to every corner of Ukraine, including in the city of Zhytomyr, Kyiv and Lviv. When wholesale purchases designer goods all related travel costs will be covered through our online store.


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