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Book KURO with the brand on a PPO 80 pags
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Book KURO with the brand on a PPO 80 pags

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Paper products,Accounting books Book KURO with the brand on a PPO 80 pages 12029..

The Ledger 50 sheets offset
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The Ledger 50 sheets offset

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Office paper products,Account books The Ledger 50 sheets offset 11007..

The magazine of reg of powers of attorney
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The magazine of reg of powers of attorney

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The magazine of registration of powers of attorney 20 sheets. The magazine is made of newsprint paper of high quality. Excellent printing...

Ledger 100 sheets offset
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Ledger 100 sheets offset

Product Code: 11010
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Office paper products,Account books Ledger 100 sheets offset 11010..

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The role of accounting books

Книга кассовая 100 листов, офсет фото

Accounting each company needs different books. Without them it is impossible to keep account of economic and operational activities. The books are designed to simplify the job of an accountant, as they allow to group and to systematize workflow. The probability of errors and inaccuracies is minimized. Buy the books and magazines check for proper functioning of your company, You can online store "Paley".

For the manufacture of the books and logs use newspaper, offset and carbonless paper. A wide variety of such books can be found on our website.

The types of books in the online store "Paley"

Книга начисления заработной платы 100 листов фото

  • Ledger. It appears the entire financial history of the enterprise: income and expense totals for all reports and accounts, purchase and sale of goods. Options for high-quality offset paper, both in soft and hard covers, 50 or 100 sheets.
  • Cash book. In its pages are recorded all transactions conducted using cash. You can choose the shape with replicating or without leaves, in portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Log. Necessary to record the accounting of warrants, payment orders, incoming and outgoing correspondence, waybills, checks.
  • Book payroll. Contains data on wages, sick leave, deductions and the deductions of the employee.
  • Book working capital statements. From the title it is clear that this form is intended to account for working capital.
  • Book reviews and suggestions. Not only mandatory attribute of the user area, but also an important tool of feedback with the client. All the shops, cafes, restaurants, hairdressers and other similar institutions are obliged to keep this book.
  • The book of account transactions. It must contain information on cash for transactions. Register as a PPO (payment transactions) and the business entity. Pages are bound and numbered. Books KURO important accounting document.
  • The stock Ledger. Account source warehouses (in the storerooms).

In addition to the above accounting documents, the range of the online store "Paley" includes medical and service records, and accounting forms.

To order book or magazine registration is possible from any city of Ukraine (Vinnytsia, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Kherson, Zaporozhye, Krivoy Rog, etc).

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