Banking accessories

Awl stationery BM.5550 Awl stationery BM.5550
9% off

Awl stationery BM.5550

Product Code: 02945
Availability: 18

8.99 грн. 9.92 грн.

Awl stationery and wooden pen BUROMAX – fast will help You to sew all the necessary documents! Needle length: 6 cm packing 10pcs ....

Cotton twine 1 kg 800 Teks BM-5560 Cotton twine 1 kg 800 Teks BM-5560
9% off

Cotton twine 1 kg 800 Teks BM-5560

Product Code: 02949
Availability: 1

228.78 грн. 252.45 грн.

Twine prosivane cotton BUROMAX – Your assistant for the joining of any documents! Coil 1250 meters , the density of 800 Tex ...

Needle Needle
9% off


Product Code: 00845
Availability: 7

7.93 грн. 8.75 грн.

wooden handle, Needle 12.5 cm,..

Needle Bank 15 cm BM.5553 Needle Bank 15 cm BM.5553
9% off

Needle Bank 15 cm BM.5553

Product Code: 00844
Availability: 27

35.97 грн. 39.70 грн.

Оffice equipment,Банковские аксессуары,Офисная техника Needle Bank 15 cm BM.5553 10000000844..

Seal lead banking 1kg
11% off

Seal lead banking 1kg

Product Code: 73005
Availability: 9

144.00 грн. 162.00 грн.

Equipment and accessories,Bank accessories,Office equipment Seal the lead Bank 1kg 73005..

Seal of Bank plastic D-10mm 1kg
9% off

Seal of Bank plastic D-10mm 1kg

Product Code: 03207
Availability: 1

400.20 грн. 441.60 грн.

Bank accessories Bank Seal plastic D-10mm 1kg 10000003207..

Shiloh Bank BM.5551 Shiloh Bank BM.5551
9% off

Shiloh Bank BM.5551

Product Code: 02946
Availability: 4

46.84 грн. 51.68 грн.

Bank awl with wooden handle BUROMAX – wide eyelet provides free passage of the thread! Thanks to the awl, You will quickly be able to make all the nec..

Thread proshivka cotton, 130g, BM.5556 Thread proshivka cotton, 130g, BM.5556
9% off

Thread proshivka cotton, 130g, BM.5556

Product Code: 02948
Availability: 8

37.31 грн. 41.17 грн.

Thread proshivka cotton, 130g., 250 Teks BM.5556 – delaine solution for stitching all kinds of documents! Coil 520 meters , the density of 250 Tex...

Thread proshivka polyester 170g, BM.5555 Thread proshivka polyester 170g, BM.5555
9% off

Thread proshivka polyester 170g, BM.5555

Product Code: 02947
Availability: 5

52.69 грн. 58.14 грн.

Thread proshivka polyester , 170g., 210 Teks BM.5555..

Twine lepenky, 850g., 1000 Tex Twine lepenky, 850g., 1000 Tex
9% off

Twine lepenky, 850g., 1000 Tex

Product Code: 02943
Availability: 1

231.26 грн. 255.18 грн.

Twine proselochnyy lepenky BUROMAX – Your assistant for the joining of any documents! Coil 850 meters, the density of 1000 Tex ...

Jute twine, 800g., 1100 Teks Jute twine, 800g., 1100 Teks
9% off

Jute twine, 800g., 1100 Teks

Product Code: 02944
Not available

118.91 грн. 131.22 грн.

Twine, the jute proselochnyy BUROMAX – Your assistant for the joining of any documents! Coil of 765 meters, a density of 1000 Tex ...

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Accessories for banks at an affordable price

Accessories banks are goods that are related in different types of activities. Shop "Paley" offers 5 types of products.

  1. For school process

This includes plastic covers for notebooks and books. Due to the transparency they improve the visual appearance of items, allowing you to read the title of the tutorial or choose the appropriate to a particular lesson notebook. The second function of polymer products to protect the cover, the spine from abrasion and crushing, here are the pictures of the young granted.

  1. Film for lamination

Used in special devices laminating. The thermal process film covers the surface of documents, securely saving the clarity of printed information for decades.

  1. Wipes for the monitor

In every company there are people working on computers. There are firms where such devices are on each desktop. To cope with spots, dust, wire recommended accessories to purchase for your home, wiping the computer screen, laptop, TV.

  1. Network filters

Ignorant people call them extension cords. Really network filters maintain the functionality of electrical devices at occurrence of power surges. In the first minutes of inclusion in the network there is a sharp voltage rise. During the day, it is also possible oscillation, which adversely affects the operation of expensive equipment and eventually produce unexpected breakage.

  1. Holders

Holder is a stand, a stationary frame for advertising, information, notification materials. It is used for placing business cards, installer menus, price lists, marketing proposals, etc.. Has many varieties and forms.

Bank accessories line of products

Banking accessories is accessories, some of which are used daily and others as needed. In the stationery store you'll find all necessary positions.

The needle Bank is needed when you perform a manual firmware documents.

Convenient length equal to 15 cm, it is large enough to hold the garment in the hand.

Gypsy needle.

Different from the previous "roommate" more than a wide eye where free include fishing line, cotton, polyester thread.

Seal of Bank.

Used to save print on the wax to prevent penetration into the premises or a safe Deposit box by unauthorized persons. Wax close bags of money for transmission to collectors. In the item number provided by the seal lead and plastic. To buy goods in the online store you will be able at very affordable prices.

Awl stationery.

Due to acute end capable of puncture multiple formatted sheets of paper, make a hole in the cardboard, leather material. Shiloh banking is a combination of a conventional tool with a sharp point and a needle. Easy grip wood eliminates sharp slide accessory in hand.

The thread for flashing the documents.

A significant document in the Bank requires a large amount of folders-aggregators. When comes the term paper source, they are placed in the archive. Folder free for new current documentation, and older leaves severe stitch thread and put in a special Cabinet or a separate room.

It is profitable to buy Bank accessories in the online shop Paley

Some accessories for banks are used in public and private companies. If you wish to purchase pens, pencils, erasers, glue, here in the category of "Stationery for school." Find the best price for products will be offered for those who wish to buy stationery in bulk.

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