Stretch bands

mini Stretch film 12 Mineral MK
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mini Stretch film 12 Mineral MK

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38.28 грн. 42.24 грн.

Оffice accessories,Стрейч пленка mini Stretch film 12 Mineral MK 96110..

Stretch film 500mm 17мк 200m (1.7 kg)
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Stretch film 500mm 17мк 200m (1.7 kg)

Product Code: 96052
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Office supplies Stretch film Stretch film 500mm 17мк 200m (1.7 kg) 96052..

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Today, there are a large number of tools and techniques to protect the goods from damage. One of the most economical and reliable of these is the use of stretch film. Buy it on our site at the most reasonable price and in a short time we will deliver it in any city of Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa and others).

The advantages of using stretch film

If you want to protect your stuff from scratches, dust, dirt, moisture and other damage, the stretch film is a versatile tool. It has a very convenient property of stickiness, causing its layers are glued to each other without the use of any additional funds. Wind it around your item in several layers of the film, you reliably protect ego and can not worry about the integrity of the content. Stretch effect allows the film to grow in size more than three times. This means that under tension, it will be positioned close to the subject, but will not break and will not burst.


Stretch film is different in thickness, which can range from 12 to 23 microns. The shop also offers a variety of widths: 200, 280 and 500 mm. In the presence of a narrow film with a special roller that allows you to quickly and conveniently wind it on the product. Stretch allows the tape to stretch and fit snugly to the surface of any shape.

You can buy the film from your computer, while in any city (e.g. Kiev and Odessa). This can be done cheaply, as the price of the film in our online store is quite low. Place your order and within 2-3 days your purchase will be delivered to you on specified address. We care about the comfort of customers and the quality of our service. If necessary our managers will advise you and answer any questions.

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