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Patron surge protector 3M 5 sockets
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Patron surge protector 3M 5 sockets

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Black surge protector Patron designed for connecting a wide range of appliances and computer equipment. The filter has a universal socket "Euro s..

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What is surge protector?

Power filters are extremely necessary devices for office work, because they allow you to keep the Electromechanical equipment safe and pass its service life. In many countries there is a problem of unstable operation of the power plant that produces to voltage surges, and Ukraine is no exception. Because of such interference in electrical appliances can be damaged or completely fail. If we are talking about computers, there is a high probability that all of the information stored on the hard disk can be lost or be damaged. To solve this problem quite inexpensively — buy the network filter. They save in many situations, and the price is really low. In the online store "Paley" you can buy surge protectors here 64,73 UAH!

The principle and the mechanism of

In the instruments there are special schemes, which absorbs voltage surges and distortion frequencies. Because of this they are able to mitigate interference. Filters have a range of load to consider in the operation of the device. They consist of several sockets, so you can simultaneously connect as many devices. To purchase equipment through the site from other cities, such as Kiev or Odessa. You can do it cheaply, the price of different models of firewalls readily available.

Good selection of quality products

There are several settings that you should pay attention to when choosing a product. The main one is:

  • number of outlets;
  • the length of the power cord;
  • maximum load.

On our website you can find models of network filters with different length of the cord (from 1.8 to 5.1 m). This feature should be considered in those areas where a small number of outlets and they are far from electronic equipment. In this case, the devices also serve the function of extension cords. They provide the ability to connect all computer peripherals.

What do we offer?

You can buy a good surge protector at a nice price. Being in Kiev, Odessa or any other city of Ukraine, go to the website, read the information in the product description and make your choice. If you have any questions, our Manager will contact you. You with a convenient method of payment and delivery, and after a couple of days, your new purchase will have you in the office! We provide you professional service, good quality goods, favorable terms of payment and delivery. Customer trust is the highest value for us!

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