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Dandruff (d50 x 5) BM-4301
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Dandruff (d50 x 5) BM-4301

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Dandruff (d50 x 5) BM-4301• Type: knob • Diameter: 50 mm • magnification: 5 • lens Material: glass • case Material: plastic &..

Dandruff (d75 x 3) BM-4303
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Dandruff (d75 x 3) BM-4303

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Dandruff (d75 x 3) BM-4303• Type: knob • Diameter: 75 mm • magnification: 3 • lens Material: glass • case Material: plastic • case Color: black • Pack..

Magnifier in box d-60mm SK-7016
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Magnifier in box d-60mm SK-7016

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Office supplies,Magnetic boards and accessories loupe Magnifier in box d-60mm SK-7016 77026..

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Magnifying magnifier

Simple product — dandruff — used in designer areas, where it is necessary to consider in detail any image or small letters. Some provisions of the treaties, typed in small print, and read the text without a magnifying glass is impossible. Certain occupations may be associated with small objects:

  • philately (stamp collecting);
  • Mineralogy;
  • electronics;
  • forensics.

This is not a complete list of activities in which the dandruff is becoming the main tool, with professional performance and for a fair price. Sometimes it is used in a more prosaic purposes. Who does not remember the children's pranks with fire without matches?

Features magnifiers for different applications

Despite the simplicity of the design varieties of such a tool are many. Dandruff happens:

  • Classic — with a handle, on which is rigidly mounted outdoor optical element with a diameter from 40 to 110 mm. Hand magnifier suitable for non-professional use.
  • Drop-down — which is easily pushed into the case. Mobile case, protected from accidental damage to carry with you.
  • Dual lens — higher resolution and correction of optical aberrations. Can be used by a jeweler, watchmaker and other professionals working with small elements. Sometimes supplied with a headband.
  • Table. With this product is hands free, which allows you to drill small object.

There is a high-tech type of loupe — UV illuminated , and an electronic Converter that outputs the image to the screen monitor. Such office products go far beyond conventional office applications. They are used in banking for check of authenticity of money. The device is easy to determine the presence of micro, micro perforation, and other elements of protection.

Conditions and prices

   In the online store "Paley" represented by a magnifying glass with the magnifying glass element and optical plastic. The price of the latter below. They are excellent for everyday office tasks and also for home use.

You need to purchase a cheap magnifying loupe? Execute the application on the website or call the above number. Managers will be contacted to obtain the address of delivery in Kiev or Ukraine and will send the order to work.

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