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List of terms of use of the site

1. You can use the materials of the Paley website (http://www.paley.com.ua/) further The site is exclusively for personal use while observing all the rules and regulations of copyright and ownership of all materials and their copies.

2. Any commercial use of the site materials by means of copying, duplication and / or other means is prohibited.

3. Prices, images, language and other materials of the site are provided to users on the principle of "As is".

4. The site does not guarantee and is not responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the materials.

5. The site may, without notice, make changes in prices, range, conditions and more.

6. The site is not responsible for any damages, lost profits, loss of profits and other things due to use, as well as the inability to use the site.

7. The site is not responsible for any information provided by users in the comments, on the forum, as well as in appeals to the site administration.

8. On the site, users are prohibited from using statements and / or other actions to violate anyone's rights, insult, discriminate against specific individuals and / or organizations, as well as violate the laws of Ukraine.

9. During the registration stage on our site, you provide the site with your contact information and other information necessary for placing orders, and, thus, you agree to the use of your personal data in the databases and data of the site and the company "Paley".

10. At registration you form independently or receive automatically login and the password. This information is confidential and known only to you and for the safety of which you are responsible.

11. You agree to notify us in case of loss of your registration data. Any actions on the site made with your registration data (login, password) are under your personal responsibility.

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