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Etiquette for notebooks at affordable price

Stationery for schools in the form of stickers for notebooks represent the aspect etiquette of size 55 x 75mm, are available in set of 9 pieces. The collection is presented in a single topic, but in a different color or different elements. Carved the product is easily separated from the common sheet and quickly attached to the cover page of the tetrad.


  1. Etiquette for notebooks have strips intended to indicate data (name of subject, name of student, class and school in which enrolled). This helps the teachers identify students in checking homework.
  2. Neat look to the drawn layout provides a smooth writing period.
  3. Each book gets its share of originality. Even seniors signature paste stickers on books and nibble.
  4. Of class 1 students who cannot read and write, the pictures determine what subject and corresponds to the tutorial notebook.
  5. Thick coated paper ensures good writing, without any spreading of the paste and "smearing" of the letters.

If your family two or three student, it will be convenient to purchase stationery in bulk.

Etiquette for notebooks: inagodi here purchase

If you think to purchase a decal for notebooks – it's just to satisfy a whim of your child, you are mistaken.

  • Your son or daughter accustomed to order, marking each notebook special label. Small pupils are easier finds the matching school accessories.
  • Children form their own style, learn to design and beauty, studying in valid as show their individuality.
  • Labeling performs a kind of classification.
  • In addition to school items, labels will be useful for your own diaries, questionnaires, albums for drawing notebooks.

At an affordable price, the child receives a colorful printing products which can benefit in school and personal things. Buy etiquette for notebooks in the online store can make an order on the website.

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