Foam pads

Cushion finger GEL BM-5540 Cushion finger GEL BM-5540

Cushion finger GEL BM-5540

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Humidifier finger with gel 30 ml

Humidifier finger with gel 30 ml

Product Code: 16543
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Moisturizer for fingers BIC gel of 20 ml Moisturizer for fingers BIC gel of 20 ml

Moisturizer for fingers BIC gel of 20 ml

Product Code: 08087
Availability: 44

71.72 грн. 79.14 грн.

Moisturizer to your fingers, gel, 20ml Moisturizer to your fingers, gel, 20ml

Moisturizer to your fingers, gel, 20ml

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Spongebob stationery

Spongebob stationery

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Pillow to moisten your fingers

Some professional activities are connected with the necessity to go through hundreds of sheets of paper. Secretary at reception you have to look for the emails in that folder, not only the received date, but also on other criteria not reflected in the categorization. Then alternately leaf through the binder and looking for the desired correspondence. The archivist need to find the original document some years ago, the sales count a stack of bills, the teacher — to check tetrad students. In all these cases, the appropriate pillow to moisten your fingers. Assortment of such products in the online store "Paley".

Advantages of special pillows

Among the available alternative means to achieve the desired effect, there's only one. You can periodically moisten your fingers with saliva. But it does not hold water. The disadvantages of this method:

  • You do not observe the rules of hygiene. Some of the documents intended for the General use. After a couple days they will start flipping your colleague. After contact with paper money you need to wash your hands, and do not moisten with saliva finger to facilitate counting.
  • The seller is counting down in this way bills, does not cause delight customers and spoil the image of the company.
  • With a large number of papers is simply impossible.

The types and rates stationery jaw

Stationery sponge to moisten your fingers devoid of such shortcomings. The simple design consists of a plastic base in the form of small bowls and soft material to hold water. The product is located in a convenient place on the table. When the skin is dry fingers from turning documents, sufficient movement of the hands to moisten. Speed is not reduced. Comply with the requirements of hygiene. Process looks good and doesn't cause animosity with customers.

One implementation of a wetting pillow — gel humidifier for your fingers. It uses a glycerin base. Ego advantages:

  • not afraid of tipping over;
  • does not require replenishment of water;
  • does not leave greasy traces on the paper or the bills, clothes and surrounding objects.

The price of a regular pillow, refill water below. In the store, "Paley" presents both of those office supplies with a different design.

Need to buy a pillow to moisten your fingers or other supplies? Make an order for goods through the Internetshop of the stationery. Managers will contact you to confirm shipping address and execute the application in minimal time.

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