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Cushion replacement for snap-ins 4642
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Cushion replacement for snap-ins 4642

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Cushion replacement for the round seal...

Ink stamp pad Trodat 110х70 blue
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Ink stamp pad Trodat 110х70 blue

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Stamp products,Stationery,Stamp pad ink stamp pad Trodat 110х70 blue 80034..

Ink stamp pad Trodat,90*50.blue
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Ink stamp pad Trodat,90*50.blue

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Stamp products,Stationery,Stamp pad ink stamp pad Trodat,90*50.blue 80048..

Cushion replacement R50
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Cushion replacement R50

Product Code: 77013
Not available

135.08 грн. 149.06 грн.

Stamp products,Stationery,Stamp pad Cushion replacement R50 77013..

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Print — a kind accessory that reflects the status of the company. Sloppy bear the imprint may be detrimental to the image of the organization. Therefore it is necessary to choose wisely the expenditure of raw materials for seals and stamps.

Stamp pad — stamp the essential attributes of the instrument. They represent a small segment of porous fabric rectangular, square, rarely circular shape, soaked with paint, placed in a case. To make a mark, cliche enough to dip into the ink.

Replacement stamp pad: basic differences

Print are:

  • manual — in the process each time you dip into the paint;
  • auto — filled with paint, all you need to do is click on the handle to get printed trace.

Any of the stamping device requires the use of an appropriate pillow. Stamp ink pad for printing can be:

  • Table — compatible with seals manual type. Can have the geometric parameters different size: 90x50 mm, 110х70 mm, 160х90 mm, other. Pad soaked in ink, is stored in a tightly closing box protecting it from drying out. Substrate to enhance the functional characteristics as the evaporation of the working substance can be refilled. However, periodically, depending on frequency of tool usage, it needs to be changed, as the material is damaged, causing a fuzzy impression.
  • Replacement is a cartridge specific structural form, dressed in inky mass. For each model stamp fits on a particular tape. Removable cushion, as well as stationary, can be repeatedly refilled.

Ink stamp pad replacement often available filled at the factory ink, water-base liquid blue, black, purple, red, green. Used for placing the print on paper. However, there are inks on alcohol, characterized by a rather non-standard palette. Meet pink, white, orange, the second tone. Allow you to print information on wooden, metal or glass surface.

To purchase the ink pad to print in the Internet-shop "Paley"

The modern market of Ukraine offers a wide variety of stamp products. Stable demand for products of the brand Trodat. In its work, the manufacturer uses the best components, innovative manufacturing technology. Stamp pad Trodat different:

  • durability
  • practicality,
  • quality

so it will be excellent to select the phone every buyer. In our store item brand presents a wide range. Here you will find products of differing dimensions, shade. The price of the stamp pad is always attractive. However, we will be able to offer not only reasonable prices but also:

  • professional service;
  • the operational formation of the order;
  • convenient payment methods;
  • free delivery in Zhitomir, Ukraine - New mail when you purchase in the amount of 500 UAH, Ukrposhta from 200 UAH.


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