Brushed tabs for CD f.84498 Brushed tabs for CD f.84498
9% off

Brushed tabs for CD f.84498

Product Code: 01179
Availability: 50

149.35 грн. 164.80 грн.

Brushed tabs NEATO to boxes Simline for CD f.84498..

DVD-R 4,7 Gb Srink (50) d43791
-20% off

DVD-R 4,7 Gb Srink (50) d43791

Product Code: 03555
Availability: 600

8.41 грн. 7.01 грн.

The DVD-R, 4.7 Gb,16x, Matt Silver Wrapped, Srink (50) d.43791. Capacity: 4.7 GB Speed: 16x packaging Type: 50 pieces in shrink film color Surface: Ma..

Kit for labeling CD NEATO f.55455 Kit for labeling CD NEATO f.55455
9% off

Kit for labeling CD NEATO f.55455

Product Code: 01154
Availability: 43

149.35 грн. 164.80 грн.

Starter kit for labeling CD NEATO f.55455. The applicator is designed for smooth and easy gluing of labels on CD/DVD. The kit includes the initial set..

CD-R, 700Mb, Shrink (50) d-05281 CD-R, 700Mb, Shrink (50) d-05281
9% off

CD-R, 700Mb, Shrink (50) d-05281

Product Code: 03541
Not available

9.19 грн. 10.14 грн.

CD-R 80min, Shrink 1pc. d-05281 Capacity: 700MB Speed: 52x packaging Type: 50 pieces in shrink...

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Reasons to buy CDs in the online store “Paley”

Office work involves the processing and storing large amounts of data. If you print it all on A4 sheets, the area of space occupied by these archival documents will be very large. That is why it is much more convenient with all the necessary information stored in electronic form. But here there are nuances: many people leave the files on the computer, not duplicate them on removable media. In the result, you may encounter two problems:

  • hard disk is not enough free space;
  • when some technical problems with the computer system has a high probability of losing all the accumulated information.

In order to avoid this, it is very convenient to copy all the data on the disks. If necessary, you can not be afraid to remove them from the computer.

Buy CDs from our online store can be quite inexpensive. We are always happy when our customers are satisfied with the shopping, so the price of all products corresponds to a good quality. Being in any point of Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, etc.), you can go to the website and place your order right now.

What to look for when choosing?

In the online store "Paley" a wide range of disks, among which you will find all types cd r, cd rw, dvd r and dvd rw. What distinguishes them, and how to make a choice? They have the same dimensions (diameter equal to 120 mm), but different capacity: in cd 700 MB, dvd 4,7 GB. The second difference is the ability to delete and re-record information: cd rw and dvd rw rewritable types, cd r and dvd r — no. It is important that the number of repeated recordings is limited. On the website you can find information under each listing in the directory to compare prices, features and place your order. If you bought the discs, it is also advisable to buy special boxes to store them.

Favorable conditions for each client

On the website you will find a large selection of office supplies that you can buy quite inexpensively. In the directories stated the actual price on all products. We are constantly updating information depending on the presence or absence of goods in stock. The trust of every client is very valuable to us. Delivery area — the whole of Ukraine, and this means that we can the purchase be delivered directly to your office in Kiev, Odessa or another city. Shop profitable. Online shop "Paley" — reliability, quality and professionalism!

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