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A sign of unilateral table 60*250mm
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A sign of unilateral table 60*250mm

Product Code: 71081
Availability: 3

31.95 грн. 35.25 грн.

  Plate desktop office unilateral 60 * 250 mm with replaceable unit. This information sign has the ability to quickly change information...

Double-sided transparent plate BM-6413-00 Double-sided transparent plate BM-6413-00
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Double-sided transparent plate BM-6413-00

Product Code: 03315
Availability: 1004

55.97 грн. 61.76 грн.

Sign the bilateral nominal 200*72mm, transparent BM-6413-00. Nameplates widely used for the organization of advertising and information support. Namep..

Plate double-sided 150*200mm BM-6414-00 Plate double-sided 150*200mm BM-6414-00
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Plate double-sided 150*200mm BM-6414-00

Product Code: 03316
Availability: 3

72.34 грн. 79.82 грн.

Sign bilateral information 150*200mm, transparent BM.6414-00 are widely used for organization advertising and information support. Nameplates ECONOMY ..

Plate double-sided 200*72mm BM-6413-00
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Plate double-sided 200*72mm BM-6413-00

Product Code: 71179
Availability: 1

45.54 грн. 50.25 грн.

Sign the bilateral nominal 200*72mm transparent BM-6413-00..

Plate double-sided 90*60 BM6410-00 Plate double-sided 90*60 BM6410-00
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Plate double-sided 90*60 BM6410-00

Product Code: 03312
Availability: 3121

7.34 грн. 8.10 грн.

Sign the bilateral nominal 90*60mm transparent BM-6410-00. Nameplates widely used for the organization of advertising and information support. Namepla..

Sign double sided 210*297мм BM-6415-00 Sign double sided 210*297мм BM-6415-00
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Sign double sided 210*297мм BM-6415-00

Product Code: 03317
Availability: 1

143.54 грн. 158.38 грн.

Sign bilateral information 210*297мм, transparent BM.6415-00 are widely used for organization advertising and information support. Nameplates ECONOMY ..

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The plate on the table simplifies the process of communication between the visitors and the employees of a particular establishment. Therefore, it has become an indispensable element of the interior office, restaurant, hotel, shopping hall, second public institutions. The small plastic accessory allows the visitor without question to get the right information, identify the person sitting at a Desk or behind Cabinet doors.

In the process of conducting various seminars, meetings, meetings without signs is not enough. After all, every speaker at the meeting must be submitted. Signs for conferences will help to do that without the mess. They include not only the initials of the speaker, but also his position, other data. All the participants in the audience will understand who the members of the Presidium, headed by ego.

Every organization that cares about its image, sooner or later decides to purchase table tents. Find products of uncompromising quality can be the online store Paley.

Where to use nameplates on the table

Sign Board — a lifesaver not only the visitor of the institution, but the ego of employees. Because such a small accessory can contain a lot of useful information. So the employees of the institution, there is no need for each new guest to devote to the subtleties of the work, a cafe or restaurant that introduces new and exciting promotions of the store, to share other data. Put the plate in a prominent place, where they necessarily catch the eye of a consumer, thereby informing him about a specific event, long-lived, proposal.

These accessories are used to organize the work area:

  • Office is quite popular among modern companies. Have small dimensions. Each copy of the book contains the data about the persons holding office or Desk.
  • Outlets — help to present information regarding technical characteristics of products sold, its value.
  • Restaurant — allow you to mark a reserved table. Differ in sophistication and pretentiousness.
  • Exhibitions are used to reflect information regarding the exhibits.
  • Events — need to display the name of the company, as well as representing his face.

To purchase a plate on the conference table — a wide selection in online store Paley

Nameplate on the Desk, any other depending on its purpose can be made of different material — wood, metal. The most common is plastic and plexiglass. Plastic table tents for a conference in high demand among consumers. Such products are:

  • have available cost;
  • have a long life;
  • simple and practical to use;
  • characterized visual appeal.

To buy a plate of the required design at an attractive price conveniently in our store. Customers guarantee high quality of each item, assistance in the selection of products, fast delivery to Ukraine.

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