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Finisher PULSAR+ A4 15/300 sheets Finisher PULSAR+ A4 15/300 sheets
9% off

Finisher PULSAR+ A4 15/300 sheets

Product Code: 14179
Availability: 15

13,567.97 грн. 14,971.55 грн.

The finisher PULSAR+ A4, manual perforator, 15 sheets stapling, 300 sheets. Pulsar 300 A4 – comfortable and stylish finisher for plastic spring. Desig..

Finisher QUASAR+ A4 22/500 sheets Finisher QUASAR+ A4 22/500 sheets
9% off

Finisher QUASAR+ A4 22/500 sheets

Product Code: 14182
Availability: 5

17,962.01 грн. 19,820.14 грн.

The finisher QUASAR+ A4, manual hole puncher 22 sheets stapling, 500 sheets. Quasar 500 A4 – reliable finisher on the plastic spring. Designed for fre..

Finisher STAR+ A4 sheets 12/150 Finisher STAR+ A4 sheets 12/150
9% off

Finisher STAR+ A4 sheets 12/150

Product Code: 14183
Availability: 18

6,874.32 грн. 7,585.46 грн.

The finisher STAR+ A4, manual perforation 12 sheets, stapling, 150 sheets. A4 Star 150 is a compact and easy-to finisher on the plastic spring. Design..

Finisher Starlet 2+ A4 sheets 10/120 Finisher Starlet 2+ A4 sheets 10/120
9% off

Finisher Starlet 2+ A4 sheets 10/120

Product Code: 14185
Availability: 14

3,879.14 грн. 4,280.43 грн.

The finisher Starlet 2+ A4 manual punching 10 sheets, binding 120 sheets. Starlet 2 120 – ultra-compact finisher available for plastic spring. Designe..

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Procurator: buy the tool for rapid cross-linking of pages

One of the most common methods of attaching pages in notebooks, catalogs, booklets, calendars and notebooks with a spring. Bonded so the page is easy to scroll through, no need to bend. If you need to pull attached so the page is very simply and without fear to damage the notebook or calendar. Брошюровщик QUASAR WIRE A4, ручн., п. 15 арк., сшил. 130 арк. For fastening of pages in this way are used binding machines. Buy procuratory high quality at the best price in online store "Paley".

The factors that determine the price of stitchers

Modern stitchers are available in different variations, the price depends on many factors:

  • Procurator electric or mechanical;
  • the number of linked sheets;
  • the format of the paper;
  • the material and diameter of the spring.

The cost of electric procuratorem above, but the whole process of fixing pages to make them automated. Mechanical binders are relatively inexpensive, when you consider the price electric. Their design provides for a lever, which produces the mechanism, punching holes in sheets of paper.

The price of the stitch depends on the number of pages, which can bind in a single product. For example, manual binder fellowes starlet 2 has a very compact size, it is able to perforate in one run 10 sheets, and bonding the plastic spring 120 sheets. The finisher 150 staples fellowes star 150 sheets, and the model fellowes pulsar 300 holds in a Notepad or book, 300 sheets of paper.

Брошюровщик GALAXY E Wire A4 , электр.., п. 20 арк., сшил. 130 арк.Evaluating models of binding machines, people are interested in and how much they cost, and leaves what format can they be fixed. Many inexpensive models of procuratorem there is the stopper, allow to attach only A4 paper. If the limiter is not, at certain skill it is possible even to fasten the sheets in A1 format or A0.

The best binding machine - Internet–shop "Paley"

Depending on the type of product used springs made of metal or plastic. Binder, on a metal spring is used for making calendars, notebooks presentable. Special attention in work is paid to the order of pages, because you can change the order if you do not, you will have to change the spring.

Stitchers for plastic spring prefer to use the students for mounting projects and dissertations. This type of fastening allows to fix the bug by simply replacing the page. To do this, just flatten the spring, to change the page, and compress the spring back. In addition, the plastic springs are available in different colors.

Online shop "Paley" offers to buy reliable procuratory for a reasonable price with delivery in all cities of Ukraine, such as the Dnieper, Kiev, Zhitomir, Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv, Kherson, Krivoy Rog, and the second. Will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the most appropriate bookbinding machine.


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