The capillary pen Roller uni-ball eye NEEDLE micro 0.5 mm black

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UNI-Tech EYE NEEDLE Rollerball with an innovative steel a contributing node needle-type. These pens are ideal to anyone who writes with heavy pressure on paper. The increased strength of the material and robust design to protect the burner tip from deformation even under heavy loads. Ultrathin execution of the writing tip allows you to write more elegant and refined, with a line width of only 0.3 mm. Through the use of pigment ink UNI Super Ink technology and UNI-FLOW SYSTEM achieves uniform thickness of the line and economical use of ink smoothly to the last drop. A translucent plastic case allows you to determine the amount of ink. These unique pens even provide an easy way to draw a continuous and uniform thickness of the line! NEEDLE EYE not versed in the details, with sufficient capacity of the ink combined with a thin line of the letter allows for extended use of the roller. Case color matches the color of the ink. Safe cap. A sturdy metal clip. The combination of all these qualities makes EYE NEEDLE pen an ideal choice of professionals! EYE NEEDLE smooth writing, durable burner Assembly.

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