Resnik paper Miracle 2 rule  white Resnik paper Miracle 2 rule  white

Resnik paper Miracle 2 rule white

Product Code: 22047
Availability: 3179

37.66 грн. 40.79 грн.

Paper PP Lite A4 80 grams 500 sheets Paper PP Lite A4 80 grams 500 sheets

Paper PP Lite A4 80 grams 500 sheets

Product Code: 30397

169.00 грн. 180.00 грн.

Paper 5 And 80 gram 500 sheets Paper 5 And 80 gram 500 sheets

Paper 5 And 80 gram 500 sheets

Product Code: 10552

84.00 грн. 95.00 грн.

Why me?
Own import
Paley is an importer of paper. Our BuroMax and Axent brands have the best price in Ukraine.
Wholesale customers
Special conditions for trading companies and sole proprietors for the purchase of stationery and office supplies.
Special conditions for legal entities
We provide special conditions to legal entities in the form of additional discounts.
Cashless payment, VAT
We work with legal entities. Non-cash payment, VAT and documents for budgetary institutions.
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School and office stationery, office paper products and equipment

On the virtual shelves of the Paley stationery store you can buy all the necessary office and school stationery. Our online store offers quality products designed by trusted brands and manufacturers. Our prices and free shipment from Ukraine are additional advantages for our customers. For enterprises and organizations, we provide safe online payments. Ukrainian stationery store Paley is a reliable partner for businesses since 1994. Hundreds of companies and organizations trust us.

Modern stationery designed by trusted brands

The Paley online store works exclusively with trusted, reliable and certified manufacturers of office stationery. In our catalog, you can find all the products you need to improve your work planning and support your professional activities. You can buy stationery online at a good price, in just two clicks.

Stationery for all needs: pens, pencils, markers, folders, liners

Our online stationery store has collected for you a wide range of pens. Ball, Oil, Gel, Feather and Gift Pens. We always focus on quality and reliability. For example, Flex Office pens use licensed German inks. These pens leave a perfect mark, without gaps and excess ink. The pen is comfortable to handle, which helps to avoid fatigue and discomfort during writing.

A wide selection of high-quality pencils

For all customers, our online stationery store offers a huge selection of pencils. All high-quality products from the best manufacturers: Maped, Marco, Zibi, Milan, and others. In the catalog, you will find a wide range of classic pencils in a wooden base with slate pencils of different hardness, with or without an eraser. For those who love painting, we suggest acquiring classic colored pencils. On our shelves there are the following types of pencils:

  • Mechanical pencils; 
  • Colored pencils;
  • Watercolor pencils;
  • Marco Pencils.

Markers in our online stationery store: permanent, water, alcohol

In our online store of stationery, you can also buy markers for drawing. The cost depends on the type and the manufacturer. But the quality is always at a high level. Paley has in the catalog these types of markers: permanent, alcohol, and water markers.

Large selection of folders for office and work

All businesses and all companies accumulate paper documentation that needs to be classified and stored. For this, managers will folders for documents. They serve to store documents, transport them, and keep them in archives. Folders protect documents from moisture, dirt and mechanical damage. The most common sizes of these products are A5 folders and A4 folders. For your business activities and organization of documents, we recommend that you also purchase files for documents, portfolios, and business cardholders.

Paper products for office, school, and home

In the office or at home, the printer or copy machine would have no use at all without paper. Moreover, modern printing requires high-quality paper, which meets the technical requirements. Our online stationery store provides you with the opportunity to buy office paper at a good price. On Paley, you can buy the paper from well-known brands, such as HP, Basic, and Maestro. This paper is produced using modern technology, which guarantees the highest quality.

We provide all kinds of paper

  • A4 paper;
  • Colored paper;
  • Roll paper;
  • A4 photo paper
  • 10x15 photo paper
  • Matte photo paper
  • Glossy photo paper
  • Inkjet paper.

Diaries and notebooks to help to remember important things

Entrepreneurs and businessmen must write down important information in diaries. You can always carry with you a compact diary. It is always available, especially when your smartphone runs out of battery. That’s why we offer quality Buromax branded diaries. They look premium and help you remember the most important plans and events.

If you need to write down large amounts of information on a regular basis, then you can choose between a notepad planner, a stylish organizer or a nice writing notepad. Our A6 format notebooks are the most popular since they are compact but big enough. You can also purchase notebooks in A5 and A4 format.

High-quality office equipment for comfortable work

Office equipment is an integral component of comfortable work at any modern company. A well-designed office ideally represents a successful company and its management. For productive staff work, it is absolutely necessary to choose the best stationery and office equipment. And we provide you with all you need for your office:

  • Cash rubber bands
  • Magnetic board
  • Office desk accessories
  • Office plates
  • Office tray
  • Office-paper-basket
  • Paintbrush set
  • Seal and stamp paint
  • Staplers
  • Stretch bands
  • Laminating film
  • Laminator
  • Monitor wipes
  • Mousepads
  • Network filters
  • Paper shredders

School stationery - everything for kids and their comfortable learning

At school, children need notebooks, pens, pencils, and another school stationery. Drawing at school in the classroom and at home develops talents and helps to shape kids’ creative abilities. In our online store, you can find art set for kids, bookmarks for school, exercise book covers, folders and stickers, pencil cases and sketchbooks.

We provide school exercise books and homework diaries for boys and girls. If you are looking for school bags and shoe bags, we have a range of products with a nice design. If you want to make a great surprise for creative children, then buy kids paint set or color plasticine.

Our advantages: secured order, free shipment, and high quality

On our online stationery store, we provide our customers with a simple checkout, secured order and free shipment. We guarantee the best prices. Only trusted brands and high-quality products from certified manufacturers.

Fast delivery anywhere in Europe. Loyal prices and all payment methods at your choice. At the Paley online store, you can purchase school stationery, office equipment, and paper products at a reasonable price. Have a nice shopping! We are looking forward to mutually beneficial cooperation!

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