The capillary pen Roller uni-ball micro 0.5 mm blue Eco

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Uni ECO Corporation Mitsubishi Pencil handle develops and manufactures ECO-series recycled. The body of the roller Uni ECO made from recycled plastic. For those who prefer a solid design and narrowed the flu in the written media. The handle is not versed on the details, with sufficient capacity of the ink combined with a fine 0.3 mm line writing ensures long use of the roller. Innovative burner Assembly allows you to write easily, smoothly and perfectly to the last drop of ink. The roller's Uni ECO uses a special quick-drying pigment ink water-based UNI Super Ink, easily write and resistant to chemical solvents and impact of external factors (sun, temperature fluctuations, humidity) and protects Your records for the past 100 years! The color of the insert on the cap matches the color of the ink. The metal clip. Plastic frosted case. Safe cap. When it is so important to the quality, originality, reliability and confidence in the integrity of the records - Uni ECO is ideal for managers, businessmen, lawyers, journalists, bankers and other business people.

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