Payment and delivery


After processing the order, our manager will contact you by phone or e-mail and specify the delivery address and payment method.

If you are a legal entity, additional constituent documents may be required to form Tax Invoices. (we are VAT payers).

In our online store there are the following types of order payment:

1. Non-cash.

Payment at the box office of any bank of Ukraine or by payment order according to the details that you will receive by e-mail;

Payment through terminals of Privatbank, Privat24 and other online services according to the details you will receive on


2. Payment card without leaving home

Due to the lack of legal framework in Ukraine, this service is active from 01.00 to 17.30 except on weekends and holidays.

3. Payment in cash

Payment in our office - warehouse. A cashier's check, invoice and tax invoice are issued.



You have a guaranteed 14 days for replacement or return of the goods in the presence of the document on payment, the statement of the buyer and packing. Payment for delivery through the replacement line under warranty - at our expense, through the line "just so I want" - at the expense of the buyer.

Delivery time

For the enterprises of Ukraine delivery is carried out within 1-2 days.

Delivery to the house is carried out only after coordination of conditions with the manager.

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