Pen gel. auto uni Signo 207 0.7 mm blue

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Automatic pen gel pen uni-ball Signo 207 0.7 mm blue UMN-207.Blue. Contemporary design and quality execution has made a series of pens Signo 207 popular all over the world. Convenient case with a sleek metal clip provides a comfortable hand position while writing, and ergonomic rubber grip provides mkhomazana effect on the finger pads. Thanks to the quick-drying water-resistant Cornell UNI Super Ink, Your records will be protected for over 100 years. The document, written by Signo 207, protected from fading or abrasion, thereby reducing the risk of forgery of the document. Pen Signo 207 with optimal line writing 0.4 mm provides a more soft and easy letter than regular gel pens. The handle transparent smoky plastic case the color of the button matches the color of the ink. The rod is removable. UNI Signo 207 is a stylish part of Your image and is a great tool for everyday use at work, at home and at meetings. Replacement stem: UMR-87 Additional terminals: UMR-85

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