The capillary pen Rollerball 0.7 mm, uni AIR blue

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UNI AIR Rollerball Pen. Revolutionary Air Tip technology allows you to write without scratching paper. Updated the design of the tip of the "uni-ball AIR" allows you to adjust the intensity and the thickness of the letter, depending on pressure and angle, and also minimizes friction and contact with the paper, providing a sensationally smooth writing, easy and without noise. Writes without scratching paper. Soft shell of the writing tip and the air cushion provide a writing site so an easy letter, as if writing in the air. Unique pigment ink UNI Super Ink protects your record for 100 years, not only from external factors (sun, temperature fluctuations, humidity), but even from exposure to chemical solvents. Tip: stainless steel in soft shell Ball: 0.7 mm tungsten carbide Thick line of writing: 0.35-0.55 mm Housing: high quality plastic (PC) housing Color: black and silver, with blue accents ink Color: blue

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