Weekly dated 2018 SALERNO A4 136 pages red

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Robert szczotizneveri and diaries Buromax is always a wide choice of different skins, textures andolors. We will find the approach to the heart of every buyer!

Robert szczotagnevik Salerno has attractive and high-quality covering material covers faux leather red. A unique feature is that the flexible cover with metal decoration. Harmoniously complements the design embossed on the end of the year and silk ribbon in the color of the cover.

  • Indoor unit: ofset cream color with a density of 70g / m2
  • Perforated tear-off corners for easy search last working page
  • Seal unit in 2 colors: grey and Burgundy
  • Two languages: Ukrainian and Russian
  • Sheet for providing personal data
  • Calendar: the dated - 2017-2020 years
  • Planandng for 2018
  • Organizer time:7: 00 to 21:00
  • Telephone codes of cities of the CIS countries
  • International marks of conformity
  • A table of distances between regional centers of Ukraine
  • Andlfate book
  • Map of Ukraine and the world on the endpapers
  • Colored silk ribbon

Convenient thatthe weekly A4 format is designed for planning meetings, events and trips. It is very practical, becausethe whole schedule for the week You are at one turn.

Packaged in a gift box.

On this view, whatthe weeklyand perhaps as embossing blind method, and the method of foil.

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