Shredder AUTOMAX 500C, 500 ark., fragments 4х38мм, basket 75 liter.

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Fellowes®AutoMax™ 500C Fellowes® is proud to present a series shredders AutoMax™ - the first real shredders with automatic. New shredders with automatic feature SureFeed, which removes the need for preparatory work prior to destruction of documents. Documents fastened with paper clips and staples in any place crushed or folded in half paper, glossy paper and documents with two-sided printing, as well as CD/DVDs and plastic cards - all of it could be destroyed in the automatic mode, the shredders AutoMax™. All that is required from the user – just upload documents in a conveniently located box, click the start button and walk away. Schroeder will complete the work yourself. While access to documents in the process of destroying not possible: the function SmartLock™ blocking receiver box for documents from the start until the end of the destruction. The upper horizontal surface of the shredder for easy installation of the device in the office and as additional storage space for documents. In AutoMax™ 500C vast possibilities of destruction. Can destroy in an automatic mode: • Sheets of paper, stapled and clips anywhere • Sheets, folded several times • Glossy paper and documents with two-sided printing • Prostakova envelopes • CDs and credit cards Main features: • Simultaneously destroy up to 500 sheets of paper in the automatic mode • Security level P-4 (DIN 66399) size cutting 4х38 mm • The recommended number of sheets per day: 5000 • Basket capacity 75 liters • Continuous duty cycle • Cutting speed: 2 m/min • Delayed start function (30, 60 or 90 minutes) • Fill indicator basket • 2 year warranty on shredder, and 20 years on knives. Used technology patented by Fellowes: JamGuard System - prevents the formation of congestion. In the case of jamming starts automatically reverse to spread its stuck on the knives for the paper. The destruction continues as usual. SmartLock™ - automatically lock the tray with the documents from unauthorised access during the destruction. The tray may be opened only after all documents will be destroyed. Sleep Mode ™ auto power off the shredder after 2 minutes of inactivity of the apparatus to reduce power consumption. SilentShred® – a quiet and comfortable work of the shredder. The special design of the motor and drive mechanism minimizes noise during operation of the shredder. Continuous duty shredding® is a continuous working cycle of the shredder. Shredder is perfectly suitable for the destruction of a large number of documents and regular use.

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