Paper shredder P-25S/4, f.U4701001

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Paper shredder P-25S/4, 5 ark., sekr. P-1, stripe 7mm, basket 11 liters f.U4701001. Shredder P-25S - comes to replace the popular model P-20. Designed for personal use and destruction of unclassified documents General within 1 working places. New P-25S got a modern case, and cycle times were increased by 50 % to 3/25 min. was kept unmatched cutting speed for compact models – 5 m/min. Main features: • Security level P-1 (DIN 66399). • The capacity is 5 sheets. A sheet of A4 is cut into longitudinal strips with a width of 7 mm • Basket capacity 11 litres • The destruction process starts automatically when you feed paper into the slot. • The reverse function can eliminate the occurrence of paper jams. • The cutting deck is easily removed and allows you to remove the wastes from the recycle bin. • The hole on the front of the basket allows to estimate its occupancy, and also gives the opportunity to throw garbage at her, which doesn't need processing. With a moderate set of functions P-25S is ideal for the destruction of the daily paper of the formation. Your warranty - 1 year The warranty on the knives - 1 year *Under the working cycle of the shredder understand time of its continuous operation. For example, the duty cycle 3/25 min. says that the shredder will continuously work about 3 minutes, after which it will automatically shut down - he needs cooling for 25 minutes. Cycle times can vary depending on the room temperature, the density of the paper, frequency of lubrication and the number of sheets that are simultaneously placed in the slot of the shredder. Another very important point is that cycle time is always specified relative to the first launch, so a cold engine. Even after 20 minutes of cooling the engine will still be warm. Shredder will work in normal mode, but the duty cycle because of the residual temperature is slightly reduced and amounts to 80-90 % of the declared.

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