Mechanical pencil uni SHALAKU DX 0.5 mm pink

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UNI SHALAKU DX Real Japanese mechanical pencil. World famous and popular classic pencils UNI, through which the whole world learned about the brand "UNI". But the main advantage of mechanical pencils UNI is an exclusive rods with nano-particles. Each rod contains 400 million ultra low carbon particles "nano-diamonds". This ensures that the rods are high strength, they do not crumble and do not break even under heavy pressure when writing! The combination of carbon particles and nano-diamond particles with silicone oil, which has a high degree of viscosity, provides brightness and clarity to the line of writing and feeling smooth, soft sliding of the rod across the paper. In DX series the button the stylus on the side allows you to make a continuous line, not looking up from the flu of a pencil. Ergonomic streamlined casing in combination with an elongated rubber of influenza will always provide convenience and comfort in your work. Burner Assembly made of high strength steel, so You can be confident in its reliability. The diameter of the stylus 0.5 mm. Tinted plastic case. Built-in elastic band.

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