Mechanical pencil uni Kuru Toga 0.5 mm pink

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UNI Kuru Toga Real Japanese mechanical pencil has an innovative system. The world's first pencil, podtachivaniya automatically. Every time You draw the line and raise the pencil, the stylus makes a slight twist in clockwise direction. Thus, the stylus is constantly moving and wear off evenly. The tip of the stylus always remains sharp! In the standard pencil lead grinds on the one hand, the line of letters becomes wider and lighter, the tip of this stylus easily breaks off. In pencils Kuru Toga tip is always confined on all sides evenly, not breaks off, and the lines are always the same thin and clear. An important advantage of mechanical pencils UNI are exclusive rods with nano-particles. Each rod contains 400 million ultra low carbon particles "nano-diamonds". This ensures that the rods are high strength, they do not crumble and do not break even under heavy pressure when writing! The combination of carbon particles and nano-diamond particles with silicone oil, which has a high degree of viscosity, provides brightness, clarity line of writing and feeling smooth, soft sliding of the rod across the paper. Diameter of pencil lead: 0.5 mm pencil lead Hardness: HB Body: high quality plastic (PC) housing Color: translucent pink Built-in elastic band

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