Board sponge

Sponge boards 110х57х25 mm 7638001-99 Sponge boards 110х57х25 mm 7638001-99
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Sponge boards 110х57х25 mm 7638001-99

Product Code: 99723
Availability: 1

46.86 грн. 51.71 грн.

Use to erase markers from whiteboards Made of a porous elastic material is Felt base, easily removes the traces of the markers come with a magnet to a..

Sponge for whiteboard BM.0071 Sponge for whiteboard BM.0071
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Sponge for whiteboard BM.0071

Product Code: 04582
Availability: 11

17.89 грн. 19.74 грн.

Sponge for dry cleaning marker boards BM.0071 BUROMAX – the perfect solution for erase markers white boards dry sugestiami way! Easily removes the tra..

Sponge magnetic, blue BM-0074-02 Sponge magnetic, blue BM-0074-02
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Sponge magnetic, blue BM-0074-02

Product Code: 05960
Availability: 7471

11.28 грн. 12.45 грн.

Sponge to dry wipe magnetic whiteboard with magnet, blue BM.0074-02..

Spongebob magnetic Board BM-0074-99 Spongebob magnetic Board BM-0074-99
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Spongebob magnetic Board BM-0074-99

Product Code: 05959
Availability: 30141

11.92 грн. 13.15 грн.

110х58х21мм, case - assorted..

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