Liner liner uni PiN fine line 0.3 mm red

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Liner-Raptor.The perfect professional tool for making drawings, graphic works and drawings! Pigment ink UNI Super Ink has the property of "SecureYourWriting" images do not fade, do not fade and do not wash off for more than 100 years! The main advantage of the liner PIN in the fact that if the arm while drawing stayed in one place, they do not leave on paper "point" larger in diameter than shown on the case line letters to 0.3 mm. these liners writing tip of high hardness, which allows the drawing of a strong push. The liner-Raptor made in the original stylish design, while it has all the practical functions and elements that are so neobond professionals: the window in the cap to recognize the color and thickness of the writing unit, on the body indicated by the line and its thickness, color inserts on the body matches the color safe ink cap with metal clip, nice brushed case.

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