Handle capillary Roller automatic uni JETSTREAM SPORT 0.7 mm black

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UNI JETSTREAM SPORT - the world's first pen that are easy to write! Automatic Rollerball pen "Light letter". A sporty design. Plastic case with rubber flu special cut forms. Unique ink is resistant to chemical solvents and impact of external factors (sun, temperature fluctuations, humidity). Your records will be protected for 100 years! Instant drying of the ink on the paper creates maximum convenience for left-handers! Innovative burner Assembly allows you to write perfectly straight, and thin 0.35 mm line writing is easily placed on the sheet. Shift rod, secure the cap. The color of the button matches the color of the ink. When it is so important to the quality, originality, reliability and confidence in the integrity of the records - Jetstream SPORT is ideal for active and business people. JETSTREAM SPORT - is so rapid that literally flies over the sheet of paper. Shift rod: SXR-7

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