Gift set (13 CR) ZB-9920-15

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Gift set (13 pieces), green ZB.9920-15. Gift set for children's creativity of the 13 items. The kit includes: *Board for sculpting, 3 stacks, green, KIDS Line * Brush the pony round 4, KIDS Line * colored Pencils, 18 colors, PROTECT * watercolor Paints, 8 colors, plastic./cor., b/penzl., green pencil case, KIDS Line * 6 colors Gouache 20ml, KIDS Line *pencil Sharpener oval, 1 resp., KIDS Line Markers, 12 colors , KIDS Line * Pencil graphite MARINE HB, with eraser *modeling Clay 6 colors, 120 gr, stack, KIDS Line *Cup for writing utensils SPARK into two compartments,green, KIDS Line *a Glass-pot, yellow, KIDS Line *Palette for drawing on 10 cells, yellow, KIDS Line *Scissors baby 128 mm, plastic handle with rubber inserts, light green, KIDS Line Decals, Silver textured Bezel, 9.5*17.5 cm, KIDS Line

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