Corrector-pen uni PLUS 1.0 mm

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UNI Correction Pen Plus Corrector pen. Corporation Uni Mitsubishi Pencil first in the world to start production of the correctors, in which the system flow of the correction fluid such principle of operation of a ballpoint pen. Corrector-pen Uni Pen Plus used for accurate corrections of typed and handwritten text on plain paper, paper for Fax machines and notebooks. White correction fluid does not contain trichlorethane (non-toxic), lays perfectly flat layer, providing high-quality matte finish. UNI Pen Plus you can adjust the recording made by any types of ink, and with an improved formula the most correction fluid dries quickly. In the thin metal correcting the node ball made of tungsten carbide with a diameter of only 1 mm. For better mixing of the correction fluid bottle with metal ball. Volume: 8ml. Plastic case. The plastic clip. Corrector Pen UNI Plus - an indispensable tool for those who value time and accuracy!

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