Ballpoint pen automatic LAKNOCK micro

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0.5 mm blue

UNI Laknock - high quality, low cost! Automatic ball pen, which should be in the Arsenal of every student, student and office worker. Your hand will not get tired even during long letter, thanks to the ergonomic rubber influenza elongated shape, which provides maximum convenience and comfort. The formula of the ink of the optimal viscosity allows the Laknock pens smooth writing on paper without scratching it. Excessive leakage of ink, and the stain is eliminated! Ultra-thin thickness of line of writing exactly match the manufacturer 0.25 mm, and the ink refills are exactly the same color with the original color of the writing pen. Transparent plastic case. Color clip and grip matches ink color. UNI Laknock You can be confident in your choice 100%! Shift rod: SA-5CN Extra rods: SA-7CN, SA-10CN

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