A paper shredder 79Ci,14 ark. f.U4679001

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A paper shredder 79Ci, 14 ark., the fragments 3.9х38мм, basket 23 litre. f.U4679001. Powershred® 79Ci is a high – tech shredder for personal or collective use in a small office. Recommended load up to 500 sheets per day, operating cycle* 12/20 min. Capacity – 16 sheets. Cross-cutting into fragments smaller 4х38 mm correspond to P-4 security level DIN 66399. Despite its compact size, Schroeder has concentrated in himself all the most modern technologies of destruction of documents which enhance the safety and facilitate the work with the shredder. Basket capacity 23 liters. Destroying materials: staples, paper clips, square cards, CD-ROMs. The system warranty - 2 years The warranty on the knives 5 years Applied technology Fellowes: 100% Jam Proof™ technology with 2 levels of protection against the occurrence of paper jams and allows optimum load shredder. 1 level of protection from congestion: an Exception causes paper jams The sensor at the input evaluates the thickness srisuwan piles of leaves. Green and yellow indicators confirm that you consume the right number of sheets. Red lights indicate that filed too many leaves. Just remove the excess and continue the destruction. A large part of the congestion in this case will be prevented at the stage of their formation. 2 the protection level of congestion: Troubleshooting paper jam in the event of its occurrence. If during operation of the shredder to destroy the documents will hesitate or swerve, feature 100% Jam Proof System will stop the blades. The paper will deal with auto-reverse and Schroeder will complete the destruction, briefly increasing the power. SafeSense™ - automatically stops the shredder in case of accidental contact of hands with an area of the paper. As soon as a man's hand accidentally trcas delivery document shredder instantly stops. The work of Schroeder will automatically continue if to pull his hand away. Energy Saving System™ - effectively reduce energy consumption, both during operation and in sleep mode. Using this function allows us to reduce the power consumption of the shredder to virtually zero. SilentShred® - a quiet and comfortable work of the shredder. The special design of the motor and drive mechanism minimizes noise during operation of the shredder.

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