A paper shredder 450M, f.U4074101

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A paper shredder 450M, 9л., fragments 2х12мм, the basket is 22 litres. f.U4074101MicroShred® 450M – new compact shredder high security level for use in a small office or for personal use. Recommended load up to 300 sheets per day. Capacity: 9 sheets. Cross-cutting into fragments of size 2x12 mm correspond to the P-5 security level DIN 66399. A sheet of A4 is cut into 2500 slices. After the destruction of the documents to recover is almost impossible. Shredder doesn't require frequent emptying of the basket through better filling of paper fragments. Basket holds waste from the destruction of 400 sheets, which is on average 115% higher than in conventional shredders security level P-4. Transparent window on the housing of the shredder allows you to monitor the filling level of the paper in the basket. Separate slot and bin for destroying CD drives makes it easy to sort paper and plastic waste. Has the function of Reverse. Hitchhiking in a remote shopping cart. In addition to paper destroy: staples, credit cards, CDs Applied technology Fellowes: SilentShred® – a quiet and comfortable work of the shredder. The special design of the motor and drive mechanism minimizes noise during operation of the shredder. Auto Reverse in case of jamming starts automatically reverse to get your knives on the paper. The destruction continues as usual. The system warranty - 2 years The warranty on the knives - 5 years *Under the working cycle of the shredder understand time of its continuous operation. For example, the duty cycle 12/20 min. says that the shredder will run continuously for about 12 minutes, after which it will automatically shut down - he needs cooling for 20 minutes. Cycle times can vary depending on the room temperature, the density of the paper, frequency of lubrication and the number of sheets that are simultaneously placed in the slot of the shredder. Another very important point is that cycle time is always specified relative to the first launch, so a cold engine. Even after 20 minutes of cooling the engine will still be warm. Shredder will work in normal mode, but the duty cycle because of the residual temperature is slightly reduced and amounts to 80-90 % of the declared.

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